Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rabbit story

Do you have a rabbit? I mean, a rabbit you can teach things, who wakes you up on mornings, tells you the weather and reads your mails? A rabbit you can ask him by voice to play the radio or music? A rabbit who can communicate with his friend via internet, recognize things when you show him it?

No jokes, it really exist, names Nabaztag and can be found here. For 140 euros, you get one the most amazing things I've never seen. It's Linux/Mac/Windows compatible, and speaks 16 languages... Let's say tomorrow is Christmas again, I buy one!


Richard said...

Ce n'est pas pour remplacer Jack j'espère ;)

Miu Miu Pute said...

"A rabbit you can teach things"...but will it save me some time? I m so looking for something like that.